Now Hiring Interns!!!

Helping You Structure & Strategize For Your Success

Influx of Wealth, LLC is now hiring interns. We are all about giving back, pouring into others, and providing individuals opportunities to better themselves and grow to the next level. We are offering internship opportunities to college seniors who are interested in finding a place they can learn, grow, and better themselves, while helping others do the same. If that's you, you have come to the right place! 

​We are seeking individuals who are self motivated, organized, creative, enthusuastic, hard working, resilient, talented in the areas we need most, and those who are willing to go the extra mile with us. We have the following internship positions available. Click here to apply or use the "Apply Online" button at the top of this page.

Internship Opportunities
1. Social Media Technician

Majors: (Marketing/Business/Information Technology/Communications)

2. Accounting Technician
Majors: (Accounting/Business/Management/Finance)

3. Information Technology Technician

Majors: (Information Technology/MIS/Business/Graphic Design)

4. Sales & Marketing Associate

Majors: (Marketing/Business Management/Business/Communications)

5. Public Relations Associate
Majors: (Business/Communications/Psychology/Business)